Benefits of Membership

The CWarn Tsunami Early Warning System affords you a line of protection against the threat of tsunamis not offered by traditional warning methods.

Registration and on-going membership to CWarn is totally FREE. The system is funded and supported by individuals and donations.

Official public warning-systems and advisories are made via TV, Radio and posted on the web. While they are most useful and your first line of defence, they are reliant on the fact that you are at the time listening to the radio or watching the TV. What happens if a tsunami occurs while you are shopping, having a coffee at a cafe or if you're on the beach, driving, reading the newspaper?

What happens if a tsunami strikes while you are asleep, which is normally about a third of your living life?

The CWarn Tsunami Early Warning System alerts you by sending an SMS to your mobile phone. If you, like most people, always have your mobile phone with you, switched on and in a GSM coverage area, then you will get the alert. Its as simple as that.

Keep your mobile phone next to you, most people are easily awakened by the tone that an SMS message has arrived. Your mobile phone could indeed become your best friend.

The CWarn Tsunami Early Warning System is particularly important at night, since the characteristics for impending tsunamis, such as the withdrawing of the sea or sprays on the horizon, cannot be seen and identified at night.

The CWarn Tsunami Early Warning System warns you wherever you are on Earth as long as you are in a GSM coverage area. GSM is the most widely used mobile phone protocol, available in 222 countries and regions. For full and detailed GSM coverage information click here.